IMPORTANT: Only provide name and contact information if your report is NOT to be anonymous. If name and contact details are entered, LOU Advokater will become familiar with this information. Information will only be passed on to the company to which your report relates if you give permission for this in the report.

When you have submitted a report to LOU Advokater, the company’s designated person responsible for the whistleblower scheme will be notified that a report has been made and will be able to see the reported information. Neither the company nor its person in charge will have the opportunity to identify you, unless you have given permission to do so. You can get information about who is the company’s responsible for the scheme in the company’s whistleblower policy.

In the event of technical challenges in connection with the use of LOU Advokater’s report form, which appears below, LOU Advokater can be contacted on phone no. + 45 70 300 500 or LOU Advokater will not pass on information about this to the company.

If the company’s whistleblower scheme is not required by law according to the Whistleblower Act and thus based on a voluntary scheme (which will normally be the case if the company has less than 50 employees), then there is no processing basis in the data protection legislation for processing sensitive personal data, i.e. about race or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union affiliation, health information or information about a natural person’s sexual relationship or sexual orientation covered by Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation. After a concrete assessment, reports in relation to a voluntary whistleblower scheme that contain these special categories of personal data will therefore, as a rule, be immediately deleted upon receipt. You will receive information about this if you have provided your contact information.

You must pay particular attention to the fact that LOU Advokater will only process your report if the company has a valid agreement with LOU Advokater on handling its whistleblower scheme at the time of your submission of the report. If the company does not have an agreement to this effect, LOU Advokater will immediately delete your report upon receipt. You will receive information about this if you have provided your contact information.

Report form
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Enter company name, possible company number (CVR)
Enter a brief description of you report (mandatory)
You must elaborate on your report in this field. This may involve a description of the actual circumstances, specifying the names of the responsible persons, references to specific cases (remember the journal number) or incidents. The field must be filled in.
It is voluntary if you want to provide your email. Your email will be used in cases where questions arise regarding your report. Your email - and thus your identity - will NOT BE passed on to your company AS A STARTING POINT, unless you give permission for this below. If you do not give permission, the information about your email will only be processed by LOU Advokater in order to ensure a correct notification.
It is voluntary if you want to provide your name and contact information (phone number and email). Your contact information will only be used if you wish to be contacted by the company's security officer, cf. below.

In connection with the submission of your report to LOU Advokater, your personal data is processed if you provide your name and/or your contact details. In that case, you can read more about the law firm’s processing of your personal data, which is carried out on behalf of the company, by clicking here (in Danish).